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Carl gets a magazine called Mishpacha, with which I am sure many of my Orthodox Jewish readers are familiar (she gets the English version, not the Hebrew Israeli one).She had it open in the room this morning and I saw this article about an Israeli woman named Galit Popok, who escaped from her Arab husband in Beit Lahiye, Northern Gaza with three of her six children, leaving the rest behind. Popok at the top left of this post with three of the kids (probably the three who escaped with her).Two years ago, three weeks after the birth of twin girls, she ran for her life, taking three older children with her.She then began an Israeli court battle for divorce and custody rights for the remaining children, and lawyers affiliated with the Yad L’Achim organization, which has been assisting her since her return, finally saw a window of opportunity as Israel was about to reenter Gaza at the end of December.The ex-husband was killed five days later and his family is now refusing to give up the three remaining children - a nine-year old and two toddlers.I thought the story might be interesting to all of you (and that some of you might want to help out the organization that is helping Galit and many other women in her position), so I found it on the web (Mishpacha is not on the web).

The other three children were supposed to be brought out by the IDF with her ex-husband during Operation Cast Lead.

But they weren't, apparently because of a foul-up by the Red Cross.

On January 8th, a week into the war, the Nazareth District Court issued a verdict that the children must be delivered to their mother immediately, but Rami was nowhere to be found.

The next day, Friday, January 9th, Galit managed to make contact with him, but he denied that the children were with him — he said they were staying in a children’s shelter.

When he eventually took her and their four children back to Gaza after being forced to leave Israel, where he had been working illegally, she thought it was for a short visit, never imagining she would be taken hostage by her own husband.

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Instead, she found herself trapped, stripped of her documents, and routinely beaten and tortured.

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