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Courtney love dating saalem

He wasnt even there to defend himself, and I’m sure as shit that he would have cringed at what (his own wife) said about him. She would ramble, threaten me, threaten them, etc…(Whaat? She would say things I’d rather not care to reapeat and some things were barely co-hesive anyway. Being a musician, I guess it was impossible to NOT identify with the Tucker Character in the book. Next time I saw him he presented to me one of those casette tape-holders containing something insane like 8 or 10 mixed tapes!!! On these tapes were music that I certainly wasn’t familiar with….

“Ok, so I barely pay attention to Wikipedia and most things related to myself. ) however, there is still a bunch of false info still floating around certain corners of the interweb, so I am still going on with writing this…

It all came out of a very sick, twisted, “DARK VAN” of her OWN mind…HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?? I do often think of’s impossible not to..a song on the radio, an old video, the pictures I have etc.. There was a short time between Olympia and constant touring (1993 or so), when I lived with my parents who I loved, who were in thier late 70’s. It all started with my friend Philip Welsh…Around 1988 I was playing in the subway (met Phil on green line, govt center (possibly the worst busking pitch EVER)…and Philip was nice and I would see him daily and chit chat about the covers I was playing etc…He seemed to know a lot (I was a BIG folky at the time..

I am writing all this NOW perhaps because I want to set the story straight not just for me, but also for HIM. Courtney somehow got a hold of thier # and would call incessantly leaving INSANE messages on thier answering maching in the middle of the night .. John Gorka, David Wilcox, Aztek twostep, Tom Paxton, Passim all the way) and I asked Philip to make me a mixed tape.

I don’t know…I see that she is coming out with a new record (whatever) and that she’s lost custody…again…. Philip had a vast knowlege of underground music and this beloved kooky box of mixed tapes was really ( of course I could go into a nutty story of how I met REM in 1984, and how bizarre it was to take them on a schenic sight seeing spree in Salem ma (my home town), but that’s for another time…Who didnt love REM back in the day)…

One of the only mentions I made (and Kurt was alive at the time), was that the song “some jingle jangle morning” was in fact written about him. Small local paper, the writer was a friend, and it was true. I have no doubt in my mind that she made him (they faxed a lot back then) fax a letter to the paper claiming that all I said was untrue…Ah Courtney, how you doin’ now sister? My “thing” with him wasn’t based on a “sexual” escapade between band guy/groupie type thing.

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WHO THE FUCK exactly believes ANYTHING she says ANYWAY?? Yes, I sit here nearly 18 years later and YES there are things I am pissed-the-fuck off about! The things she about me (from Rolling Stone to anyone who would suck up to her and listen) were FALSE and certainly DID NOT come out of Kurt’s mouth…for one thing (and yes, it’s somewhere embedded in Wiki), as beautiful as I thought Kurt was, the “infamous” episode that “supposedly happened in the back of a van” NEVER even occurred!! That’s fucking gross, and I wouldnt stand a guy that was like that (there’s PLENTY of dip shit bimbos out there, and many of them WAY hotter than me to boot!! We ALL know (those who really knew him) that he wasnt like that either…He would have been MORTIFIED, afraid of, AND sickened by chicks like that…

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