Masterbate chat bot

Masterbate chat bot

According to a book I have read, only about 20 g semen is produced from the food that a man consumes in nearly 35 days.

(1) From 32,000 g food, approximately 11,153 g chyle is formed.

Why you should give up this habit """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""... It is like "a tank getting filled through one pipe and getting empty through another pipe".....!

You are making your body dry, loose, weak, and impotent just for pleasure. All the three-----masturbation, nocturnal emissions, and sex-----are very harmful to health.

A man's semen is his masculinity, energy, and life.

Each time semen is wasted, his masculinity, energy, and life decrease. How semen is formed """""""""""""""""""""""""" Just as milk cream is the cream of milk, semen is the cream of the males' blood. Semen is created by the secretory glands from the food we eat.

During these activities, many important minerals, hormones, and fluids responsible for the following are rapidly lost.

[1] Masculinty-----masculine behaviour, body hair, body shine [2] Growth of the body-----increase in height and weight [3] Strength of the body-----density, stamina, and resistance to diseases Give up the habit of masturbation TODAY...!

According to the traditional medical science, a man should not do masturbation or sex before the age of 24 years.(4) From 1,355 g flesh, approximately 472 g fat is formed.(5) From 472 g fat, approximately 164 g bone is formed.(2) From 11,153 g chyle, approximately 3,887 g blood is formed.(3) From 3,887 g blood, approximately 1,355 g flesh is formed.

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(6) From 164 g bone, approximately 57 g bone marrow is formed.

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