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Ritz Camera is a former store that was located at University Mall.It had various photography related items (film and digital) plus cellular phones for sale.Update: A friend of mine stopped by the Davis store this afternoon and the clerk informed her the Davis location is "not" closing.

their prices seemed pretty competitive, the camera i was looking at has the same price as online —Josh Burkart I went there with 120 film two weeks ago and an employee said they couldn't develop it there, that no place in davis could, and that the closest place would be in Sacramento A friend told me that the UCD Bookstore could develop it, but it would take 3-5 days which makes me believe that they're not developing it here in Davis either —Alden Seabolt I went there today and they don't carry film anymore.

Ok, they still sell a 6 pack of 400 ISO Fujifilm but that is all they carry and they happened to be sold of it.

They used to do one hour developing and passport photos, as well.

Though gearing towards digital with the rest of the industry, Ritz Camera did develop traditional film in 35mm, 120 medium and 220 large format. They did not offer cross-processing of any film types.

He said that half of the Ritz Camera stores around the nation will be closing, the Davis branch will not since it makes a great deal money from developing and printing. A sign on the door reads that the store is closing on 7/25/09 and directs customers to the nearest location in downtown Sacramento. According to the person on the telephone and without needing to know what was wrong with it, I was told that to send a malfunctioning camera away will take 6-8 weeks and cost at least 0-0. York really great service from their new manager, named alex, who is transferring to UCD soon.

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he's very knowledgeable, an experienced photographer, and not at all biased.

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